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GIORDANA DJANGO  Tarot Card Reader

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One of my first spiritual experiences was probably not quite what you might imagine.


Since I had a pronounced fascination for the mystical from an early age, I curiously asked my mothers friend to read my palm, when i was 14.

Her prognosis was unfortunately not really rosy.

I would not survive an age between 20 and 25.

As you can see, luckily her gloomy prophecy did not come true and instead, my enthusiasm for luminous spirituality, shamanism and magic has grown steadily.


Probably based on this experience, today my focus as a spiritual medium is not mainly to look into a supposedly determinated future.

I believe that in each of us there is an immeasurable potential for change, healing and growth and therefore I want to support my clients in being co-creators of their own lives.

Your magic!

Through the cards as a mirror of our soul, indeed of our whole being, past and present become visible, of course also foreseeable developments.

This gives me the opportunity to name existing blockages and to find solutions together with my counterpart, so that unexpected new paths or positive life changes can open up.


Primarily I work with the tarot cards, which are also valuable keys to personal development, and the Lenormand, which also gives illuminating insights into topics such as love, health, work and finances.


In addition to being an actress, my second passion, I now work professionally as a card medium since 2017.

Since 2009 I have been accompanied on my shamanic path by my spiritual teacher Tania Maria Niermeier.


I am Giordana Django and look forward to our joint card reading!

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Gypsy proverb

We all are wanderers on this earth.
Our hearts are full of wonder and our souls are deep with dreams. 

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